Know before you go!

Where can I park?

While the Paramount Theatre does not have any parking of its own, it is surrounded by several major parking facilities. See the Directions & Parking page for details. We encourage you to consider taking public transportation instead.

What is the policy on face coverings?

  • All persons entering the venue are required to wear a two-ply cloth mask or face covering that covers both the mouth and nose. Masks must be worn correctly at all times. *Please note, venue policy prohibits bandanas as a face covering.
  • Face coverings may only be removed to actively consume food and beverage.

Please visit the CDC's Website if you have questions on what type of face coverings you can use to protect yourself and others.

Is there a security check before entering?

  • All guests pass through screening detectors, to reduce physical contact.
  • Signage will be used to define points of entry, lanes for queuing, and directional flow.
  • No weapons of any kind are permitted.

Are cameras allowed?

Cameras with professional lenses and flash photography are prohibited.

What is your bag policy?

In order to provide a safe environment and expedite guest entry into the venue, the Paramount Theatre encourages guests to only bring essential items. Bags no larger than 18” x 12” x12” will be permitted inside the theatre. Bags must fit and be stored under your seat. All bags are subject to search.

Permitted Bags:

  • Bags measuring 18” x 12” x 12” or smaller
  • Bags with required medical items or equipment within the permitted bag size
  • Diaper bags (1 per child) within the permitted bag size
  • Bag must fit and be stored under your seat
  • Bags cannot take up a seat or cause an obstruction
  • All bags are subject to search

Prohibited Bags:

  • Bags larger than 18” x 12” x 12”
  • Briefcases or any hard-sided bag
  • Luggage of any kind
  • Camera Bags

What is your alcohol policy?

Paramount Theatre follows the California state law that prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21. To achieve this goal, the following policies have been established to promote the responsible and safe use of alcohol.

  • Any guest who appears to be 40 years of age or younger will be required to provide appropriate proof of age with one of the following forms of identification:
    • Valid United States driver’s license
    • Any valid U.S. State or Federal Government issued Identification
    • Any valid U.S. Passport and/or Passport Card
    • Valid Military ID issued by the U.S. Department of Defense
    • Valid Foreign Passport
    • Please note: We cannot accept clipped IDs with papers as a form of valid identification.
  • Guests may not possess or purchase more than two (2) alcoholic beverages at a time
  • All concession stands and portable units will stop serving alcohol after intermission concludes.
  • Alcohol of any kind may not be brought into or removed from the theatre.
  • Any guest who is determined to be deliberately concealing alcohol while entering the theatre may not be permitted to enter the theatre.
  • Paramount Theatre management reserves the right to confiscate any items, bottles and/or containers used to attempt to bring alcohol into the theatre.
  • Any guest who exhibits behavior that distracts, inconveniences or interferes with another guest’s enjoyment of the event may be removed from the theatre.
  • Alcohol will not be served to any underage person or visibly impaired guest.
  • Alcohol beverage sales may be curtailed or prohibited at the discretion of Paramount Theatre management.

Are banners, flags, posters or signs allowed?

Banners, flags, posters or signs of any kind are prohibited to enter the venue.

Is re-entry permitted?

No, leaving the theatre and re-entering is prohibited. Re-entry is only permitted in the case of a medical emergency.

Is there a Coat Check?

Yes. However, to protect the health and safety of our patrons and staff, the Coat Check is currently closed.

Is smoking permitted?

No. In accordance with Oakland's Smoking Pollution Control Ordinance, Paramount Theatre of the Arts is a completely non-smoking facility. This ordinance prohibits smoking or vaping inside the theatre and mandates that smoking or vaping outside of the building occurs at a minimum distance of 25 feet from doors and windows. The Designated Smoking Area is on the 20th Street side of the theatre and is only available during the 20-minute intermission. Please plan your smoking needs accordingly.

Is there an elevator?

No. There is no elevator in the Paramount Theatre. The Paramount Theatre is a Historical Landmark, preserved to its original architectural splendor. If a patron is incapable of climbing stairs, please work with our trained Box Office staff to choose a seat on the main floor that best meets your needs prior to purchasing your ticket. 

Where are the restrooms located?

Restrooms are available inside the venue on the Mezzanine and Lower levels. There are two (2) wheelchair-accessible restrooms for our guests with disabilities located on the Main Floor between the 21st Street entrance and Aisle #5.

Is there an ATM at the venue?

No. The Paramount Theatre is now a “Cashless” venue. ATMs will not be available on-site. All points of sale accept credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How can I contact Lost and Found?

To inquire about lost items, please call during business hours: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM, Monday to Friday at 510-893-2300, Option 4. Patrons who find items during an event are asked to hand the item to a staff member, at the Box Office or at Coat Check. Found items are turned into Security. All items are kept for 30 days. Unclaimed items will be donated or discarded.