The Paramount Theatre is available to rent! Here are some things to know first.


There shall be two categories of rental rates: commercial and non-commercial. Commercial rates shall apply to all rentals except non-commercial events.

To qualify for non-commercial rates, organizations must provide evidence of non-commercial, nonprofit status. Performances are to be primarily by local artists and in no way a commercial performance under local sponsorship. If the latter occurs, full commercial rates apply. As a guide for use in such determination, a detailed budget for the event being considered for the facility may be required by Operator. Determination of non-commercial status is at the sole discretion of Operator.


Due to potential conflicts in scheduling, the Paramount Theatre cannot accommodate weddings.

All performing events will have priority over rehearsals. Rehearsal times may be changed by Operator with 14 (fourteen) days notice.

In the event that on a non-rehearsal or non-performance date a tenant (i.e. resident company) has equipment (sets, costumes, lighting equipment, etc.) in the Theatre and Operator wishes to book the Theatre for another attraction that day, tenant will:

  • Arrange for equipment to be removed from premises, or
  • At option of Operator, be charged applicable rehearsal or performance rate.

Overtime rates will apply to all events that do not vacate the premises (patrons, performers, crew) by midnight.

Operator may, at its sole discretion, refuse bookings when, in its opinion, the event may not be for any reason in the best interest of Operator.

Box Office

The services of the Paramount Box Office shall be employed by all Licensees with all tickets to be processed and distributed for each event through the Paramount Box Office unless written permission to do otherwise is granted by Paramount Theatre of the Arts, Inc. ("Operator"). The Paramount Theatre has an exclusive ticketing contract with Ticketmaster for all of the tickets. Rates may include, box office staffing, ticket reports, advance sale fee, credit card commission, and ticket printing.


After consultation with Licensee, Operator shall hire event personnel, including, but not limited to, Box Office staff, Front of House Manager, Event Manager, Ticket Takers, Aisle Captains, Medics, Porters, Stage Door staff, Security personnel, Stagehands, and Projectionists, the cost of all of which shall be paid by Licensee at Settlement or within 72 hours of invoicing in accordance with the standard labor rate charges (including Operator’s processing service charge) adopted by Operator. The operator reserves the right to determine minimum staffing levels.

Stagehands, light and sound engineers, and projectionists, as necessary, are members of I.A.T.S.E. Oakland Local #107 and I.A.T.S.E. Oakland Local #169 at the Licensee's expense. Union stagehands, light and sound engineers, and projectionists only shall handle and operate all technical and theatre equipment. The Stage Manager must be on duty during all times the premises are occupied by Licensee, at Licensee's expense. Operator reserves the right to determine minimum staffing.

Licensee's personnel and/or Volunteers may NOT be substituted for house or stage personnel.

Concessions and On-premise Sales

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing and consented by Operator, all concessions are to be operated solely by and for the benefit of Paramount Theatre Endowment Fund.

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing and consented by Operator, food and beverage catering operations shall at all times be under the control and direction of Operator or its agents or contractors for all events in the Paramount Theatre.

With the prior written consent of the Operator, Licensees may conduct on-premise sales of event-related items such as programs, CDs, books, souvenirs, mementos, photos, religious articles, and literature, etc. If orders are taken, paid for, or a deposit received, though item is not delivered, it is considered a sale. Licensee agrees to accept all responsibility for sales fees, taxes, levies, and similar charges which must be guaranteed and provided for or paid before sales begin for the event. Only items approved for sale by the Operator shall be sold.

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing and consented to by Operator, Operator shall provide local vendors for all on-premise sales at cost to Licensee.

Licensee is required to pay vendors’ wages plus 30% (thirty percent) of gross sales to Operator. In addition, Licensee shall pay all state and local sales taxes to Operator for remittance to the necessary agencies.


Licensee shall, at its own expense and at all times during which it uses or occupies the Premises or the Theatre, provide, maintain and carry (a) commercial general liability insurance with insurance companies licensed to do business in the State of California and with a minimum of an “A-” rating in Best’s Insurance Guide on an occurrence basis with policy limits of not less than $2,000,000 as to each occurrence for bodily injury, death and/or personal injury sustained or alleged to have been sustained by any and all person or persons, and policy limits of not less than $2,000,000 as to each occurrence for property damage sustained or alleged to have been sustained by any and all person or persons (to include, without limitation, Operator), (b) workers’ compensation insurance, as required by law, and (c) employer’s liability insurance with an approved insurance company and with limits of not less than $2,000,000 for any one occurrence. The above-referenced commercial general liability insurance shall include coverage for contractual liability insuring all of the obligations assumed and undertaken by Licensee pursuant to this Agreement. The commercial general liability insurance policy shall (a) be endorsed to include Operator, its directors and employees and the City of Oakland and their respective officers and employees as additional insureds, and (b) shall stipulate that the insurance will be primary and non contributory insurance, and that any insurance carried by Operator and/or City of Oakland shall be excess. If the law should at any time specify any additional or other forms of insurance or higher limits than herein specified, Licensee shall, at its sole expense, procure insurance coverage to comply therewith. Before Licensee shall be entitled to use or occupy the Premises or the Theatre, Licensee must furnish Operator with certificates of insurance from approved insurance companies evidencing that all of the foregoing insurance is in force and will not be cancelled without ten (10) days’ prior written notice to Operator. The requirement of Licensee to procure, carry and maintain insurance, as set forth above, shall not be in derogation of any other provision of this Agreement.


Deposits shall be required of Licensees by Operator. Firm reservations for the facility will not be accepted until requested deposits are paid. With tentative reservations, if there is a subsequent request for the same date, the deposit shall be payable upon demand in order to continue to hold the date. The deposits must be paid by Licensees before the Rental Agreements are drafted. The minimum deposit shall be the amount of the basic theatre rental plus ticketing advance sale fee. An additional deposit with Operator of a sum satisfactory to defray the cost of furnishing or supplying any and all services, accommodations, equipment or material may be required of Licensees. At the option of Operator, deposit requirements may be varied for resident companies or multi-date users. First-time renters shall pay the full estimated event expenses.

An additional deposit may be required of Licensees when, in the judgement of Operator, the possibility of janitorial services in excess of normal clean up, or utilities other than normal may be needed, or the possibility of damage to the facility is greater than normal. Any part of the deposit remaining after defraying such expenses shall be returned to Licensees.

If the scheduled date is cancelled, refunds of deposits will not be made or transfers authorized unless one of the following conditions is met:

  • Cancellation is for the convenience of Operator
  • Written approval is obtained from Operator