The Paramount Theatre is available to rent! Here are some things to know first.


There shall be two categories of rental rates: commercial and non-commercial. Commercial rates shall apply to all rentals except non-commercial events.

To qualify for non-commercial rates, organizations must provide evidence of non-commercial, nonprofit status. Performances are to be primarily by local artists and in no way a commercial performance under local sponsorship. If the latter occurs, full commercial rates apply. As a guide for use in such determination, a detailed budget for the event being considered for the facility may be required by Operator. Determination of non-commercial status is at the sole discretion of Operator.


Due to potential conflicts in scheduling, the Paramount Theatre cannot accommodate weddings.

All performing events will have priority over rehearsals. Rehearsal times may be changed by Operator with 14 (fourteen) days notice.

In the event that on a non-rehearsal or non-performance date a tenant (i.e. resident company) has equipment (sets, costumes, lighting equipment, etc.) in the Theatre and Operator wishes to book the Theatre for another attraction that day, tenant will:

  • Arrange for equipment to be removed from premises, or
  • At option of Operator, be charged applicable rehearsal or performance rate.

Overtime rates will apply to all events that do not vacate the premises (patrons, performers, crew) by midnight.

Operator may, at its sole discretion, refuse bookings when, in its opinion, the event may not be for any reason in the best interest of Operator.